Horizontal Auger Boring

We specialize in state of the art auger boring methods.
Our machines are capable of boring from 8″ thru 90″ steel casing.

Horizontal Jack and Bore also known as Auger Boring is achieved by using a power unit, track system , and auger to simultaneously drill a hole in the earth while pushing in a steel casing into the hole. Auger boring is the most common method used to install water mains, sewer mains, and drainage lines on grade under roadways and obstructions.

Pipe Ramming
Pipe ramming is a pneumatic hammer used to push steel casings through the ground. On completion of the bore, compressed air or water, conventional pressure jetting or augering is used to remove the spoils from within the casing. Without the need for a thrust-wall, pipe ramming is the ideal solution to install steel sleeve pipes and casing ducts through embankments or loose ground. Although non-steered, the method has predictable characteristics, making it extremely versatile.

Impact Moling
Moling is a trenchless method of laying pipes or cables underground, where a pneumatically driven machine known as an Impact Mole forces a path through the ground, displacing soil rather than removing it.